BRS SuperMono open Project...
World fastest, lightest...and cleanest... DR400!


Born out of sheer coincidence as a "spare time fun project".
Raised as most minimalistic air-cooled mono racer for team "BRS".
Only 101KG light..raceready!. Very simple, very functional,very no compromise!

"BRS Supermono " is nothing like serious at all. Build with a big smile, an eye on supermono-racing and even some thoughts to the first Cagiva Mito in the early 1990's.
"BRS Supermono " will race in German Supermono class A (GSA) and will also be the mascot of Bitubo-Raceservice NL / BRS Suspension Works
"BRS Supermono" wil always remain an open project racer which welcomes any changes and modifications. Everything in the concept off":
" Build and Race for Fun!"


BRS Supermono / events..

2007: start of the "stamperke project" ...as a low budget / "just for fun" winterproject.

Events 2008:
#26 "BRS Supermono" rumbling the track:
14-04-08 Trackday Croix-en-Ternois
..... "Test" "DaFasttrack BP"
..... "Training" "DaFasttrack BP"
22-06-08: Raceweekend GSA Supermono A<500cc Nurburgring
23/24-08-08: Raceweekend GSA Supermono A<500cc Hockenheimring
13/14-09-08: Raceweekend GSA Supermono A<500cc Dahlemer Binz

Edit: November 2008:
At the end of season 2008 "#26 the BRS Supermono" ranked 5th in German GSA Supermono A<500CC!
(Not bad for a low-budget Cagiva Mito project with a modified 1981 Suzuki DR400 in it!)

Events 2009:
Track session / shakeDown Spa Franco
GSA Supermono Dahlemer Binz raceweekend

Events 2010:
BRS Mito-Mono will be at Ducati clubraces Assen

Events 2011:
The mono will be undergoing small modifications again during winter, Mostly on further weight reduction. Decided to keep the small 400cc aircooled engine as this makes this mono to what is is..plain simple and "just for fun".
Planned for 2011: Horice (Tsjech replubic) Supermono road race!

edit: may 2011:
"Stamperke" succesfull converted from regular fuel to E85 Bio-Ethanol bio fuel!




- BRS-Cagiva Mito 400:
-Frame / chassis : Cagiva Mito1 125cc (1991)
-Swingarm: Cagiva Mito 125CC
- Topfairing: Full carbon Ducati 998R "corse" topfairing
-Rims : F: Forged Magnesium Dymag 7 spoke/ R: Grimeca 3 spoke 17 inch
-Tyres: F: Pirelli SC3 120-17 / R: Pirelli Diablo Rosso 160-17
-Forks: Yamaha TZ250 -Kayaba 41mm USD / fully modified (Bitubo / BRS modification / Silkolene suspension oil)
-Shock: Bitubo WZE shock
-Brakes front : Brembo pump / Kawasaki ZX6R disc / Nissin TZ250 race-caliper / Hel Performance Brake line / Rizoma reservoir / Brembo sintered pads)+ Hel performance quick release MotoGP spec coupling
-Brakes rear : Brembo pump / brembo disc / caliper / Hel Performance Brake line / HRC reservoir.
-Exhaust: : "underseat" Titanium Arrow race silencer.
-Engine: "reworked / sligtly tuned" 1981 396cc Suzuki Single-cilinder 4-stroke / modified cilinderhead / Mikuni 38mm / Tornado Stage 2 cam / Barnett-Clutch.
-Engine Oil: Motul 7100
-Fuel: BP ultimate 98 / E85 Bio Ethanol
-Final drive : 16x37/39 teeth / lightweight "PBR-sprockets / 520 D.I.D chain
-Tank: Stock Mito / Lightech ergal-alu quick release fuel-cap
-Seat : Yamaha TZ250 2003 / modified subframe
-Weight reduction: ...N o accu,starter-motor, dynamo, cockpit,minimal wiring / ergal-alu / titanium Pro-bolt bolts
-Weight : Aprox 101KG raceready including al liquids and 2 liters of fuel

specifications may change..as the bike is constantly changing..
However.. whatever specifications, and whatever lack of horsepower.. "BRS Supermono "will always outbrake and outcorner any Ducati 1098..any time baby! Yeah!